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Fun Things To Do At San Diego SeaWorld: A Whole New World
San Diego SeaWorld is an amazing place. If you are looking for a day of fun and excitement, then this is the perfect destination. The park has something to do for everyone, no matter what age or background they come from. There are rides that thrill the young at heart and exhibits that fascinate those who love animals. Seeing shows like Shamu Rocks will entertain your whole family while watching dolphins swim in their natural habitat will please all who watch it with its beauty. All of these things make San Diego SeaWorld one of the best attractions in southern California. With that in mind, here are seven fun things to do in Seaworld, San Diego:

Top 7 Things To Do in Seaworld, San Diego:
1) See the Shamu Rocks show in the Nautilus theater.
This is one of the newest shows in San Diego SeaWorld and it includes lots of new tricks that you will fall in love with just like me. The music, lights, and lasers are probably my favorite part of this show. They go together to create an amazing experience that you will never forget.
2) See the Dolphin Days show in the Nautilus theater as well.
This is a great show about dolphins and all of their abilities. I like it because it is educational, but fun at the same time. It teaches us how we can help these amazing animals better and keep them healthy. It is one of the best shows at San Diego SeaWorld.
3) Ride Journey to Atlantis.
A lot of people say that this ride is more for teenage boys, but I think anyone can enjoy it. If you are not afraid of heights then this ride will be perfect for you. Plus, the wait time is usually short so there is no need to worry about a long line.
4) Watch the Pets Rule show.
This is a fantastic show for people of all ages. It is very cute and fun to watch as there are lots of amazing dogs that do tricks that will amaze you just like me. All of the dogs have been rescued from bad situations, but now they help other animals in need. Watching them perform tricks will make you smile and feel happy inside.
5) Ride Kraken.
While this ride is not for everyone, I think it should be since it is a lot of fun! The line may take a while, but the wait is worth it because the ride goes through lots of twists and turns. Plus, the drop is one of the best parts because it is so sudden and surprising. Just make sure you are not scared of heights or getting wet before going on this ride.
6) See a Shamu show.
These shows happen all throughout the day and they never disappoint. The trainers talk about how orcas are living things that need our help and compassion. It is very educational as well as exciting to watch these animals swim around and jump through hoops like they were born doing it.

If you’re coming to San Diego on vacation anytime soon or live nearby, be sure not to miss out on any of these fantastic activities! I hope you have a great time at the park and that you visit every one of these fantastic activities!