The San Diego Zoo: Beautiful Creatures from Around the World
The San Diego Zoo is one of the most popular Zoos in the world. It is located in Balboa Park, which is near downtown San Diego, California. The zoo has over 3,700 animals on display and covers 107 acres. There are many different habitats that contain animals from all around the world. These include African Savanna, Asian Forest, Australia Walkabout and South American Jungle among others. Each habitat has a large variety of animals.
The zoo has an annual budget of $22 million and is open every day except Christmas.
There are many animals on display including elephants, tigers, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees. The main entrance contains the iconic Giant Panda exhibit where visitors can get a close view of these creatures in their natural habitat. There are also many other exhibits in the park including Children’s Zoo, Polar Bear Plunge and Bug Carousel.

Things to Do At The San Diego Zoo
1) Visit the “The Africa Rocks” exhibit.
The Africa Rocks exhibit includes a variety of different displays that are all based on African art and culture. There’s also an interactive drumming station with drums made from animal skins to make some tunes. It is a breathtaking spectacle of natural beauty and animal life, showcasing African savannah for visitors to explore up close. The exhibits are designed as an immersive experience, with viewing areas that allow you to get very close to some of Africa’s most spectacular animals including giraffes, zebras and rhinos.

2) Visit an unusual Sumatran tiger showcase that includes an underwater viewing gallery.
One of the most popular attractions in San Diego Zoo is the Sumatran tiger exhibit which includes an underwater viewing gallery. The Sumatran tiger is a rare species of tigers that are found in Southeast Asia. They are also critically endangered animals, with only 400-500 living in the wild. The Sumatran Tiger Exhibit at San Diego Zoo is home to two male and one female tigers.
The exhibit has an underwater viewing gallery so visitors can get up close views of the tigers while they explore their home habitat. Visitors can also view these exquisite creatures via flat-screen televisions or through state-of-the-art cameras hidden throughout the habitat. This exhibit perfectly combines conservation education with an unparalleled view of these rarest of tigers.

3) Join activities that include animal encounters and shows.
The zoo offers many different activities that include animal encounters and shows. There is a great range of these types of activities, from those that are designed for all ages to others which cater more towards adults.
For younger children there’s the Safari Train tour where kids can see African animals up close as they trundle around their own little track through the African Habitat. For older children there’s the “Wild Times” show, where kids can learn about animal behavior and conservation in a fun way with games, activities and shows throughout the day.

4) Join their behind-the-scenes tour and activities.
Visitors can also sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour and activities. These include the Wild Animal Tour, where visitors get to see what life is like on the other side of the zoo fence by getting an exclusive view into some rarely seen animal habitats. There’s also specially designed experiences for adults including wine tasting or beer tasting tours. There are also themed evenings, such as the “Brew at the Zoo” when visitors can enjoy a beer tasting while watching an animal show and live music in their natural habitat.

5) Purchase food from the concessions stand or bring their own snacks for a picnic in one of the designated areas.
There are many different options for visitors who want to enjoy some food at the zoo. There’s a large concessions stand with lots of delicious food and drinks including ice cream, burgers, pizza or even sushi. Visitors can also bring their own snacks so they don’t miss out on any opportunities to eat throughout the day.
There are designated picnic areas at the zoo that visitors can use to enjoy their own snacks and meals. There are also large grassy areas where you can bring a blanket so you have somewhere comfortable to sit while spending some quality time with your family or friends at this amazing attraction.

San Diego Zoo is a breathtaking showcase of natural beauty and animal life. The zoo has an astounding variety of attractions, from those that are designed for all ages to others which cater more towards adults.
San Diego Zoo is a must visit for anyone who loves animals, because this zoo has an amazing variety of animal attractions that are designed to cater to all ages. Let me know what animals would you love to see there? Comment down below!